Weight Training

I don’t want to get into the weight training aspect of a fitness program too much because training with wieghts is a fitness level all on it’s own and if you don’t do it properly you can seriously hurt yourself.

I would like to look at moderate weight training to keep your body sculpted and toned.

We will call this resistance training and it all starts just as cardio does, moderately and working into a bit more strenuous workouts. You don’t even need weights to do resistance training, all you need is your body weight and some resistance.

You can work your upper body and arms simply by doing pushups, regular pushups are great for your chest and these can also be modified to make you work harder.

Incline pushups are a good modification. Simply put your feet on a chair and then do your pushups, put your hands closer to your sides so your chest touches your hands at the bottom or put them wide apart will give a different work out as well.

Crunches and sits up are great for you stomach and core strength and believe me if you have a strong core everything else comes easier.

Your legs can be worked by doing 1 leg squats. Put 1 foot up on a chair and the other on the ground and simply squat up and down as many times as you can.

You can work your calves by standing still and flexing you ankles up and down. Start and the top and work your way down, try different things and make it work for you, keep it fun too keep you motivated.

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