Fitness Clubs

Fitness clubs can be found in all shapes and sizes and offering a wide range of services.

Regular fitness gyms consist of free weights and machines for resistance training and step, treadmill, bike and rowing cardio equipment for aerobic exercise. The larger facility clubs offer a wider range of cardio training such as group exercise classes, pools for swimming laps and running tracks.

Full fitness and health clubs offer several complete lines of training equipment such as Nautalis, group exercise classes which include weight training, step, yoga, pilates, spinning and high/low cardio cross training.

Some clubs overlap with sports training and offer classes in running, boxing, mixed martial arts, sports conditioning training, strength flexibility and endurance training for sports participation.

Some clubs overlap with spa and esthetic services and offer a variety of massage, stress reduction, skin, hair and cosmetic services.

Other clubs overlap with restaurant diet and nutrition services and offer special fitness oriented snacks, meals, diet products, meal replacement, energy supplements and sit-down full meal facilities.

With all of these extra facilities, it's very easy to get distracted and drop out of your workout program. This is such a waste when you're spending your hard earned cash in the gym!

So for some useful tips on how to avoid dropping out of a workout program, click here.

There are other clubs that cater to networking and offer access to medical specialists, dietitians, spas, therapists and whatever other services may be required.

There are international and national fitness chains with locations right across Canada and other countries. Some of these clubs use computerized systems that can tell you date, time, and location of your workouts.

When choosing a fitness club you should consider a convenient location, price, type of fitness club, type of equipment, type of classes, range of services and club atmosphere.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is the club clean and well maintained?

Is the club too busy?

Is there qualified help available?

Are the staff nice and helpful?

Can I see myself working out here at this club in 2 months, 6 months and one year.