Workouts for kids

Workouts for kids, all I can say is keep them active and limit their time in front of the TV, computer or electronic games.

Kids will find all kinds of things to play if they are outside and running around. Not everything needs to be structured play with kids, they do very well just winging it and it keeps them out of trouble as well.

Stuctured paly is also very good, getting kids involved in organized sports is a great way to teach them rules and how to play as a team.

Stuctured or unstructured play keeps kids in shape not only physically but mentally as well, it can teach kids to be good citizens and and all around good human beings.

Workout for beginners

Working out does not mean pumping iron until you drop and can’t move your limbs any more, it does not mean run, jump and bounce around until you are dizzy and fall down.

Working out for beginners can be as easy as going for a walk, doing some gardening, painting the house or playing catch with a football or baseball.

Killing yourself and overexerting yourself does not get you into shape, it causes injuries and failure and reluctance to work out.

Go at it easy and work your way up to more difficult and strenuous activities that will bring you to your ultimate goal.

Workout for Teens

As a teenager you are going through puberty and changes are coming about with your body so don’t be alarmed if you stumble and fall a few times. Your body is growing and your mind has not realized it yet so you may look uncoordinated when you play sports but that’s natural.

Once your mind catches up to what you body is doing you become stronger, more agile and faster. This is the time to start to work on your strength and endurance which means pushing yourself as far as you can go without hurting yourself.

This is where you start to lift weights run longer distances try new sports and see what you can do and then when you find out what you can do, work harder and improve it.

Workout for Adults

As we grow older our bodies tend to slow down, if you body is still like it was in your prime then good for you. Keep up the good work and keep moving at the same pace you did when you were younger.

For the majority of us we need to listen to our bodies and slow down the pace. Fitness for Adults means keep you body moving but you don’t need to push yourself anymore unless your body is up to it.

Keep running and lifting weights if that is what you like to do, if not try a brisk walk or take up golf (forget the power carts), lawn bowling etc. Make it Fun.

Active Adults can enjoy every bit as much and younger people, they just need to make some adjustments.

Below is a great link to start a sports specific workout program.