Exercise Program

How, where and when do I start an exercise program? I’m sure we have all come across this dilemma when we start to work out.

Should I do cardio, lift weights or do yoga? There are hundreds of different types of exercise prgrams you can do.

To ease into an exercise program and depending on your ability you should start with light cardio and an easy walk and slowly work into more strenuous cardio a jog. If you are more active you can start with a jog right away.

Anything to get your body moving and working and believe it or not if you walk or run you are building leg muscles and developing your core as well.

Once you have gotten into a good solid cardio routine and want to increase your fitness level, you can then work in some weight training as well and some stretching and balance exercises.

A fully developed exercise program or fitness program involves cardio, weight training and stretching. You can alternate days you do each different routine. Cardio one day and weight training another and stretching can be worked into every day as well, the choice is up to you and you can design it for what you want.

Below is a sampling of a good exercise program that also include exercise tips:

Cardio workouts are great for just getting into shape or for more rigerous workouts you can use cardio to train for things such as a marathon or triathlon. Cardio is what you make of it, it's all about

Running, jumping and moving your body. Pushing yourself to the max or just moderately working out and having fun.

Treadmill Trainer
Run faster, farther, and longer with just 2 runs per week. Running workouts for your iPod/MP3 player that can be enjoyed outdoors or on the treadmill. Yuri Elkaim, Canada's top trainer, provides audio guided instruction and motivation alongside heart pumping running music.

Resistance training
Moderate weight training or resistance training as I like to call it can give you the lean, sculpted look you've always wanted.

Devoting 20 minutes a day to stretching will help any fitness program, it will also keep you more agile and ready to take on anything.

If you want to know how to do your stretches properly, here is a site with several illustrated stretching exercises.

Six Pack Abs
Have you always dream of a sexy Flat Stomach? Are you tired of seeing that stubborn Stomach Fat?

If your answer is yes then Flat-Six-Pack-Exercise.Com has the right tools and information to assist you in carrying out your mission.

One of today's most versatile pieces of exercise equipment looks more like an overgrown beach ball than a useful fitness tool.

The stability ball - an extra-large, inflatable orb designed to improve balance while targeting specific muscle groups - has grown in popularity since it's mainstream introduction in the late '80s and early '90s.

The stability ball can be adapted for many uses, including developing core strength, improving posture and facilitating stretching, among others. Its application is particularly widespread in the physical therapy industry, where it was first put to use nearly 30 years ago.

Cycling fitness
Improve Your Cycling Fitness for More Fun on the Bike.

Weight Training
Weight training is an excellent way to increase metabolism and shed excess weight. From beginner to seasoned athlete, we have strategies to benefit everyone.