You can devote 20 minutes a day to stretching, either before or after your weight training or cardio, just make sure you warm up before you do this.

You need to warm your muscles up with a brisk walk, jog, jumping jacks or anything to get your body moving and blood pumping. Once you are warmed up then it is alright to do some stretching but doin this before warming up can actually create problems and pulled muscles.

Also don’t just focus on your arms and legs, you need to address all of your joints and muscles from your neck to your ankles. The easiest way to remember to address all joints or muscles is to start at the top or bottom and work your way up or your way down.

Depending on what you’re going to do for exercise you will need to focus a little bit more in this area. If you are going for a run then pay extra attention to your waist, hips, hip flexors, thighs, calves and ankles.

If you are going to do an upper body weight lifting program then work on your neck, shoulders arms wrists, back and again your waist.

If this is your day to work on flexibility and forget about cardio and weight training that is OK too, our bodies will work a lot better if we are flexible and every day tasks will seem easier if we are flexible as well.

So set aside one or two days a week to work on just flexibility. You don’t need to be able to wrap yourself up like a pretzel in order to be flexible, just try to have more mobility and freedom to move that you do right now. Make It Fun.

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