Kids Games for kids of all Ages

Blow you will find a few kids games for kids of all ages. Keeping kids active by playing games keeps them in shape and hopefully in the future they take this lesson and live it until their old age. Kids games can grow into teenage games and adult games once you get older and/or more active. Keep games in your life and life in your games.

Hide N Go Seek

1. One person is 'it' 2. The kids go hide when the person that is 'it' starts to count to 50. When "it" finished counting, he yells "Ready or not, here I come." 3. "It" then goes to find the kids who are hidden. If the kid that is 'it' finds you, you run to base. 4. If you are tagged you are 'it'. To get everyone to come out, yell "Ally, Ally, all come free." No one can be tagged after this is yelled.


This game can be played indoors or outdoors. It is similar to Hide-n-seek, so make sure you have lots of hiding places! Materials: hiding places Number of players: Unlimited (the more the better) Object: To have everyone find the person hiding and join them. To be the first person to find the person hiding Play: One person is selected to hide. The other players count very loudly, to a set number. (20-50 works well.) When the group finishes counting, they yell "Ready or not, here we come!" Players scatter and try to find the person hiding. When the person is found, the people who found him, hides with him. This is when the name "sardines" makes sense. The players try to cram into the hiding place like sardines in a can. The game is over when everyone is hiding with the first person. The person who found the hider first become the new hider. Note: A country farm works really well. Large homes with lots of rooms also work well. It is really fun to play at night.

Man from Mars

One player stands in the middle of an open area and says "I'm the man from mars. I'll chase you to the stars because you have on (you can say any color). The people who are playing with that specific color on have to run to the other side. If the man from Mars gets you, you are out. The last person tagged is the winner.

Swing the Statue

One player is chosen to be "it." He or she takes each of the other players in turn and, holding them by a wrist or hand, swings them in a circle and then lets them go. The swung player must freeze as soon as possible and hold that position as long as possible. The first player to break the freeze becomes "it." Since the first player swung must hold the position longest, begin with the oldest child first. The entertainment value comes from seeing the strange positions that players end up in and watching them try to hold those positions.