Fitness for Self Improvement

Fitness for self improvement, how does that work. You want to be fit so you can spend time with your kids, go play sports and to increase the level of sports you already play. What about fitness to improve your self image, to feel better about yourself, to increase your self esteem and to make your smile a little brighter and increase your overall appearance.

Getting into shape can actually have that effect on the human body, spirit and mind, it's called self improvement. When you feel good about yourself because your have more energy, you are in better shape, you generally feel good about yourself as a whole.

You see if you are in shape and your muscles are toned you have a whole new outlook on life, like you are a King or a Queen and you are unstoppable.

Self improvement takes Dedication, Motivation, and self control. With this dedication and self control you can attain goals and achievements and go places like youv'e never been before.

Once that happens your whole outer appearance will start to take shape and change for the better. This self improvement in itself should be motivation enough to get in shape and stay in shape. But if it’s not enough you may need that little extra push, something starring you in the eye like a goal you set and pasted upon the mirror so you can see it every day, that’s called fitness goal setting or what ever you want to call it. Setting a Goal, writing it out and sticking it in a place where you will see it every night before you go to bed can be that extra kick in the pants that gets you up in the morning. If you write down a goal saying something like “I am going to get up every morning at 6:00 am to work out” and paste it on the mirror in your bathroom and read it every night before you go to bed your mind will focus on this saying all night and believe it or not, you will wake up at 6:00 am.

Whether you get up or not will be your decision, but if you don’t get up your subconscious will play with your mind all day and wonder why you did not get up in the morning. Soon you will not think about it and just wake up, get out of bed and get ready to work out before you realize how early it is.

The bottom line is, when you feel good, you look good you act according to what you are feeling and people will see the glow in your eye and you will be more approachable and more enjoyable to be around. You will have fun and fitness for fun is what it is all about.

Life is short, don’t be mad and cranky and angry all of you life. Get excited, be happy and have fun. Fitness can be fun, make it what you want not what you think it is, fitness is Self Improvement

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