Cardio is a great way to start an exercise program.

The dilemma we all come accross when we start to work out is where do I start? Should I do run, lift weights or do yoga? There are hundreds of different types of work outs you can do.

To ease into a workout program and depending on your ability you should start with walking and slowly work into a jog. If you are more active you can start with a jog right away.

Anything to get your body moving and working and believe it or not if you walk or run you are building leg muscles and developing your core as well.

Once you have gotten into a routine of jogging outside or doing a treadmill workout and want to increase your fitness level you will then work in some weight training as well and some stretching and balance exercises.

A good fitness program involves everything I talked about above along with weight training and stretching. You can alternate days you do each different routine. Cardio one day and weight training another and stretching can be worked into every day as well, the choice is up to you and you can design it for what you want.

Make it fun.

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