Fitness Trainer Qualifications

Fitness Trainer Qualifications,

A few things to look for when hiring a personal trainer:

a) Certification

Are they certified to do this type of work, if so what type of certification do they have.

b) Emergency prepared

Do they have CPR or some type of safety course in case something happens.

c) Liability insurance

Make sure they have appropriate insurance. This shows that the trainer has taken financial precautions.

d) Physical assessment

A good trainer would never train a client without doing a physical assessment and family history of ailments.

e) Goals

A good trainer will establish a baseline for attainable goals the client wants to reach.

f) Personality

Let face it, if you are not comfortable with a trainer you will not want to hire him or her. Also the trainer needs to be inspiring and motivational.

g) Professionalism

Does the trainer show up on time, is he prepared and organized and does he have the tools to show you your results.

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