Core and Abs workout


There is a huge scam of how to create that greate looking flat stomach and ripped or six pack abs. People believe that if they perform hundreds of crunches they will get a six pack looking stomach.

The truth:

Abdominal exercises alone will not help you to achieve flat stomach muscles. You have to exercise the entire body, and loose inches in all areas.

“Good ab exercises” mean not only physical exercises but also eating exercises and training for your mind.

Yes, you must eat and not stay hungry or follow a crushing diet. There are good and bad foods. Avoid bad food and eat only good and you will loose weight not only in your belly, but buttocks and hips.

Get the exercise you need. One of today's most versatile pieces of exercise equipment looks more like an overgrown beach ball than a useful fitness tool.

The stability ball - an extra-large, inflatable orb designed to improve balance while targeting specific muscle groups - has grown in popularity since it's mainstream introduction in the late '80s and early '90s.

The stability ball can be adapted for many uses, including developing core strength, improving posture and facilitating stretching, among others. Its application is particularly widespread in the physical therapy industry, where it was first put to use nearly 30 years ago.